Your bundle of joy—without the bundles of stuff.

Our philosophy on Looping

Sharing with others is one of the first life’s lessons we teach our children. Being an example for your child is one of the best ways to teach them. Most baby products are useful long after your baby has outgrown them—leaving you to store it, toss it, or find a new home for it. Looping is a convenient, sustainable, affordable and clutter-free way to give your baby the best in a way that you can feel good about.

Is Loop for you?

You’re busy 

You have better things to do than constantly research baby gear, order it, unpack it, assemble it, and then figure out what to do with it when your baby has outgrown it in a few months. And finding used baby gear, negotiating price, coordinating a hand-off, and cleaning it can be a full-time job. At Loop, this is our full-time job. Let us bring you the best baby gear, ready to use, and take care of finding it a new home when you’re done.

You have limited space

Your baby grows fast; unfortunately your storage space doesn’t. With Loop, we take unneeded baby gear off your hands so you can keep your closets free for things you actually use--and keep your living room from looking like a toy store.

You want the best, affordably

It’s easy to overthink shopping for baby: Is it worth the expense for how long we will use it? What if my baby doesn’t like it? Do I really need this high-tech gadget? With Loop, you can try out the best gear, use it for only a few months, and easily swap it out for something else--all at a fraction of the cost of buying. 

You care about the environment

You don’t have to give up your sustainable lifestyle when you become a parent. With Loop, you can rest easy knowing your baby gear will have a long, useful life in your community. That’s better for us all, including our planet. 

Your child's safety is your #1 priority

At Loop we make it our job to stay on top of all safety recalls for every product we offer. You can rest assured and know that we're on top of it so that you have peace of mind.

Most likely, you have already felt the joy of having access without ownership, whether vacationing in another person’s home, hopping on a shared bike or scooter, or renting the perfect outfit for a special occasion. Now, you can share that joy with your little one every time you Loop.